All school band concert

By Leslie Parks - Friday, April 05, 2013

Job is our first child that is involved with band.  He has decided to play the trombone.  He's our smallest child and he just couldn't choose anything smaller.  At least he didn't choose the tuba.  What would we have done.  I wouldn't have been able to carry and neither would he have been able to.  So the trombone it is.  His first band concert I was at home sicker than a dog.  John came home with video for me to watch.  Job came home pumped up and excited.  He thought participating in a band concert was awesome.  Fast forward to a couple of months and he's involved in an all school (every school in the district) concert.  They had all the elementary, middle school and high school band kids present.  It was in the gym which doesn't have the best accoustics.  Then the middle school jazz band  were facing two different directions and the conductor was behind the kids.  How do you conduct when you can't see the conductor?  I thought the elementary kids did great. 
How many photos can you take of a band concert?  Really Job did the same thing - blow into his trombone to create a sound that should be a note.  Actually he did do good and there are notes that come out of his instrument, its just that having a couple hundred elementary school kids playing a couple of songs and never having practiced before as a large group can stretch the listener.  I thought the best part of the concert was not when one of the band members dressed as a Star Trek vulcan complete with ears to introduce the Star Trek theme song or world of war craft song, the best part of the concert was the drum section.  They were awesome.  However the percusions should be enjoyed outside at a football game.

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