broken again

By Leslie Parks - Friday, May 10, 2013

I really should have a label about broken arms.  We've been through it three times with Isaac and now twice with Job. I'm getting good at reading x-rays.  Maybe I should go back to school to become a radiologist.  Job received a hairline fracture across his elbow on April 30th.  He had a gift card that he had been saving until he had enough money to purchase a skate ramp.  The skate ramp arrived in the mail on the 30th and he eagerly set it up, strapped on his rollerblades, placed his helmet on his head and proceeded to try out the ramp.  After a few crashes on the cement, he moved it to the grass.  He nailed his landings on the grass, took off his pads (I have no idea why) and moved the ramp back to the cement.  Where upon he made one more jump, landed on his elbow (actually flat on his face but his elbow was the first thing to hit) and just laid there crying.  I walked out of the house, helped him to his feet, took off his rollerblades, got him so ibuprofen and an ice pack.  I wanted to wait a little before taking him to the doctor just to make sure he hadn't banged and that was it.  However after 30 minutes of it still intensely hurting we tried our after hours clinic but his was full and the walk -in clinic doesn't accept patience an hour before closing.  Really?  Why don't they close at 7 and take patience until 7 knowing they'll stay until 8?  Why post an 8:00pm closing time?  Don't get it.  We ended at the emergency room, walking in around 7:30pm.  We left after 11:35 pm.  The nurse bless her heart just had to have us walk out with a new sling even though it was too small and the other one she had was too large.  The sling we had with us already was just right. Feeling like goldilocks here.  He missed the next day of school, he was tired and in pain.  It wasn't until a week later that he got a cast which he has to wear only two weeks and then they'll cut it off and use part of it to make a splint for the next two to three weeks.  The kicker is that they are all booked up and really can't see him until the middle to end of June.  So for now he's wearing an orange cast and has had many kids sign his cast.  Apparently we stands under the monkey bars and asks who wants to sign his cast.  In between being diagnosed and getting casted, I caught him on his unicycle.  I had gone to the grocery store and as I pulled into the driveway I see him wildly swinging his good arm as he's making a sharp turn in the neighbor's driveway. I quickly had him off that unicycle, "But I'm bored" he whined.  Thank goodness that it's only two weeks.

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