Lizard Lake

By Leslie Parks - Monday, May 27, 2013

This weekend was going to be our first backpacking trip of the year but we just didn't feel like we had time to get everything ready for it.  We started looking for a trip however every night was busy with scheduled events. We decided to postpone it for about a month.  Instead we spent a day with John's Dad and then hiked on Monday.  We've hiked to Fragrance Lake and Pine and Ceder Lake but Lizard Lake on Blanchard Mountain was one that the family hasn't done yet.  A couple of years ago we attempted it with a couple of extra kids.  It just didn't work out.  Sometimes we reach our destinations and sometimes we don't.  This time we started at the trail head and at the first split took a different route.  I really liked it.  The total trip was around 7 1/2 miles and it wasn't as steep as Pine and Ceder Lakes.  We took exit 240 going south from Bellingham on I5.  Then right onto Lake Samish and another right onto Barrel Springs Road.  Take a right onto a gravel road marked Blanchard Mountain Trails.  Pass the first parking area with restroom and continue down the road. Do not take the turn to Samish Overlook.  The trail is marked and about 1/4 from the parking area.    You can hike from this side over the hill to the trail head for Oyster Dome.  Something we want to do.  We're hoping to each start on opposite sides and switch keys somewhere in the middle sometime and then meet up afterwards at a restaurant.  This time we hiked to Lizard Lake, watched the dog swim and roll in the mud, eat a quick lunch under the trees at the horse camp and check out the camping areas.  This maybe a great little backpacking trip for early in the year.  Even though we hike as a family it feels as though I get some great time with each child and my husband individually.  Every day I ask Job what happened at school and he doesn't tell me much but today he volunteered information about what he's been learning.  We would walk along together without saying much and then he would bring up all kinds of subjects. I just need to be patient and wait for it and be ready to listen.

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