Pine and Cedar Lakes

We've done this hike before but Job and Lona were carried.  John's ran this trail training for Mount Baker but this day we tackled it as a family with all of us walking.   It's a hard slog up hill for about 2 miles.  Then it's still up hill to the lakes and the view point but not like the beginning.  I'm liking the fact that Isaac has become the Sherpa that we bring.  He willingly wears a full pack and carries all of the snacks and most of the water and Gatorade.  When we went hiking a couple of weeks ago John got so much grief from the kids about not bringing the dog that we dragged his sorry but into the back of the truck.  We needed to stop and get hiking boots for Isaac, not the way to do it and the dog whined the whole time they were in the store.  By the time we arrived at the trail head it was almost 11:00!  We hiked up to Pine Lake and the viewpoint then headed over to Cedar Lake.  On the way down we decided to go over to Rapter Ridge on Hemlock Trail and then back down.  I have struggled with walking down hill ever since the marathon 6 years ago and so I ended up backing down the mountain.  It doesn't hurt to go up just down.  It doesn't hurt to walk backwards just that pressure on the outside and back of my knee in a downward motion just kills it.


Marie said...

Love reading about the hiking your family does. You all look like you're having such a good time. And I'm glad Skagit got to go, too.

Clarisse Nigaud said...

To a nice family, thanks for sharing nice images of your trip. I too, yesterday went to the Great Falls of DMV where I learned for the first time, to distinguish cedar and pine. Though similar outlooks, they bear distinctive traits, cedar twid is smooth, pine has needles, cedar spurs tiny yellow buds, pine gets blueish berries. Made me think in the crisp air of rushing and thundering water below against the white head limestones, the distinguished differentiation of empathy vs. love. " My heart pines toward you, Lord"