He's 15!

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, May 19, 2013

It seems strange to have a child that is 15 yet so normal too.  This year has been one of changes for him.  He has done very well at the high school and surpassed my expectations.  His grades have been stellar.  He's gotten involved in athletics, chess, and two different youth groups.  One youth group meets at school on Thursday morning and the other at our church Wednesday nights.  He continues to ref soccer but has decided that it isn't all that great though it does provide him money. He is planning on taking driver's ed this summer which I dread and look forward to.  He has surpassed me in height and almost in weight.  If I continue to lose and he continues to gain it maybe within a month.  He's had his first date and plans on another with this girl.  She seems nice.  He has moved his interests from history which he loved to politics and Wired magazine.  His birthday was a small family thing this year.   I bought him a pizza for lunch and took it to school.  When he lifted the lid, I had written on the inside of the box "Happy Birthday".   We usually take the kids to a restaurant for a birthday dinner but his choice was Dairy Queen.  Dairy Queen over the Olive Garden but that is what he decided.  It seems as though time is slipping away with him so quickly.  We still have our arguments and yelling matches but we understand each other and love each other.   He wants to pick berries this summer for a job and I'm looking into it.  Ideally he would work 5 to 10 hours a week, just to get his feet wet.

The motley crew that helped Isaac celebrate

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