Back to School Brunch

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I can't believe that school starts tomorrow.  Tomorrow!  Most of the public schools around here started last week.  Last week I wasn't even near ready.  I'm more ready tomorrow yet still have so much to do.  This morning though it was time for a celebration.  We had mini bacon and cheese quiches and fresh strawberries.  The girls decorated the windows in our 'school" room and then decorated some of their folders.  We (the teachers/mothers) discussed school, schedules, and perused beautiful knitting books.  It was a wonderful quiet time of visiting.  The boys who start tomorrow didn't get up until 11 about the time we had s'more mini pies.  Unfortunately this party wasn't for them.  Marie brought the girls beautiful gift baskets stuffed with all sorts of useful and fun things to help them with their day.
Later on in the day I drove Job to school to pick up his revised schedule.  When we had originally received his schedule, he didn't have any advanced classes.  We had received a letter stating that he was accepted into those classes but in looking at his schedule they just weren't on there.  We were told to come back Tuesday before school started to pick up the revised schedule.  They printed one out for us but it was the same schedule, when I questioned it I was told to come back tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first day of school.  Really?  So at 7:40 we will be waiting for a new schedule. On top of that I tried to look up what time they would catch the bus.  Apparently our bus stop isn't on the bus schedule.  When I look up our address it says to take bus 19 and it stops at 7:07. However there isn't a bus 19 on the schedule.  I'm confused.
I thought to get Lona's stuff ready for tomorrow as well but there isn't any classes listed for her tonight.  This morning and the whole week before there were these classes for her.  I really don't know what I'm doing with her online classes.  She has a mandatory class assembly online to attend on Friday.  I find that funny though.  We'll see how it all shakes out.

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