Dog Pile

By Leslie Parks - Monday, September 16, 2013

The kids frequently, OK almost always, ask to have a friend or two or three over after church on Sundays. With how crazy the rest of the week is Sundays are ideal days.  Sometimes I have to fight the urge to say no.  More often I just want a day to relax but really having kids is no big deal.  This Sunday was no exception and Lona went off with a friend and we hauled two extra boys home.  At one point John was laying down in the yard when they noticed and they all Isaac included dog-piled on John.  There was a 20 minute full on wrestling show in my backyard.  You'd never catch a group of girls doing this but this is oh so manly.

Job is under there somewhere

He was content with his raw hide, no wrestling this time.

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