I am Job

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, September 05, 2013

Job came home with an assignment about himself.  I think that it is quite insightful. He had to finish the I am... poem.

I am Job
I wonder what it's like to build a robot.
I hear that I might be famous someday.
I see that I have a great future.
I am a small person.
I pretend that I can do anything.
I feel like I am the smallest.
I touch my Lego's when I need them.
I worry when I am confused.
I cry when my feelings are hurt.
I am one of tomorrow's engineers.
I understand that I have a hard future.
I say that there is no Evolution.
I dream that I will work for Lego.
I try to create the best Lego creation.
I hope that I could invent a new kind of robot.
I am Job A. Parks.

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