By Leslie Parks - Sunday, September 08, 2013

So Lona made RDL, which is the Ranger Developmental League.  This year is all about developing her as a soccer player so that she will make the Ranger's team next year.  These kids show potential for being great soccer players but need a year or two to develop their skills.  It's a year to introduce the parents to the whole competitive soccer.  I'm not sure that I've bought into the whole competitive soccer.  We all know that it won't land her a scholarship.  It does however allow her to play soccer with other girls who want to play soccer, who aren't out there because their parents need another babysitter or for a social hour.  Sure it's social but during practice it's work, they can chat before and after practices and games.  It's a time to work for something with a work hard, be happy attitude.  This weekend we were introduced to the game.  All games are either at 8:00 or 9:15 which I absolutely love.  This means that she can referee in the afternoon and I am done with soccer at 10:30 am at the latest.  Yahoo.  What we noticed was a difference in the level of play.  All the kids could play soccer. There wasn't a girl who couldn't run or kick the ball.  They knew what they were doing on the field and the skill level was high.  Another thing that I loved was that none of the parents yelled at their girls to do something.  We as parents could only say good job and way to go to both teams.  The coaches didn't yell at the refs, the parents didn't bad mouth the refs.  Coaches asked politely to clarify a call because they hadn't seen what was called.  It was polite and fun.  John hung out behind the coaches and listened to their advice to the girls.  She has three high level coaches that are positive, understand the game and understand how to coach.  They lost their first game but as the coaches said, developing their personal skills and they will start winning games.  It's not about winning it's about personal development, the wins are by-products of their development.  I'm excited about this season.

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