Ferndale Tennis Team

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The first tennis meet of the season.  Home meet against Sedro Wolley.  We won most of our matches except the ones we had to forfeit due to not having enough practices.  Each person on the team is required to have 10 practices in order to compete.  Some didn't so we had to forfeit. I showed up a little after 3:30 to watch Isaac, he's on the third doubles team.  I still don't know what that means.  My brain is trying to wrap around the terms "love" "deuce" "15" "add out".  I had them down at the end of the season last year but need that refresher course this year.  I speak soccer not tennis. Anyhow, I think that his partner is a little freshman.  Something happened after they won their match that I want to treasure in my heart.  I really thrive on compliments about my kids.  Not because I have done anything right but because I glimpse a little about who my kids are.  The coach asked if Isaac wanted to stay and play an exhibition match.  He said, "yes, wait."  "Mom, is that alright if I stay?"  I told him sure and he turned around and told his coach yes.  The other kid's mother asked me if she had heard correctly that Isaac asked permission to do something.   She said she hasn't heard that in years from kids.  I guess I took it for granted.  I guess I want my kids to be considerate of others and their time.  For the most part, I'll agree to what they want to do, just be considerate and ask and check our schedule.  It's not that Isaac or I did anything right.  I don't want to brag I just want to treasure a time that he was considerate and someone noticed and it can make an impact.  I see little bits and pieces of what kind of person they could become.  Will it be a habit? a character trait of theirs?  I don't know.  I'm rambling and this blog is really for me when I lose my memory and don't remember anything anyway.

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