Eagles viewing part 2

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We decided to try it again at the Mosquito Lake Road bridge for viewing eagles.  I had researched some more about eagles.  Sunny days they fly high on the thermals, rainy days they don't go out, and cloudy days they feed. Also they tend to be out in the mornings until noon or so and late afternoons.  I checked out the Skagit Eagle Watchers and saw some amazing photos!  Apparently on January 11th there were many eagles right where we had been a few days before.  Go figure. We drove out to the same spot and on the way saw two huge eagles in a tree.  Then when we arrived at the little park, we saw on in a tree down river.  But that was it.  We waited in the car for a while and then wandered over across the road.  Three eagles sitting in a tree and one right above us.  We watched for a while, taking photos and then a car pulls up.  Out gets a man and a lady with their binoculars and little cameras.  The man walks over to me and has a photo album in his hand.  We start talking and he shows me the photos of the eagles that he's taken.  Wow, amazing.  I'm looking at his camera.  We talk some more and he told that on Saturday he was out at the same place and he had counted over 200!  I couldn't take it anymore I asked him if he was Don Knutsen?  Yep, that was him.  I had just looked at his photos before we left.  All shot with his little point and shoot with a 24x digital zoom lens.  He did say that the eagles were right next to the bridge fighting over fish.  He was disappointed with the amount of eagles out this day.  I thought it was amazing.  The lady told me that she is from Canada and the time to see eagles there was October through November.  The place to go is the Harris River.  They had over 7000 eagles along a small stretch of that river.  Next year I'm going back.  I guess we are in the tail end of the eagle viewing season.

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