Out of Character

It seems as though Job's personality is evolving and shifting.  Oh, he still doesn't care what others think of him.  Well he does.  He cares deeply how Isaac thinks of him but his classmates not so much.  He is picky about his friends.  The last few weeks at school, he has sat at a different lunch table every day and made his rounds of the lunch room before returning to his normal table.  He listens to what the kids are saying.  Some kids call him the Math Ninja, others call him a Ninja.  I have no idea why.  He goes to his first period class and sits in his desk waiting for school to start. He doesn't say anything to the kids that are there until he really has something to say and I think it startles them when he does.  He happens to be the only 7th grader in that class of 8th graders.  His teacher says that he doesn't seem intimidated at all and all the kids just seem to accept him.  His favorite hairstyle for the last few years has been a Spock hair cut, complete with very straight bangs and pointed sideburns, but no one teases him.  He even has one eyebrow that points up.  His face is slender and his ears lay flat against his head and are just a tad pointed.  He loves math, very logical.  He has his own way of thinking.  He still loves Legos and does something with them on a daily basis.  He also loves to create gadgets.  He is in the process of making a wrist-mounted Nerf gun with parts from broken Nerf guns.  So in a nutshell he's his own person and then he does something that John thinks is out of character.  This is just an example but really it is totally in character because when he wants to do something it doesn't matter what others think. At 4:45 pm, he decided that he wanted his hair shaved with the Seahawks logo.  John was trying to talk him out of it.  I think because he would never have done something like this.  However, Job is only young once and childhood maybe the only time he could do something like this.  So I called around the different places and found a barber shop that could do it and do it that night.  We walked in around 5pm and came home about 7:30!  It took a long time but the guy did a stellar job.

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