Girls Adventure

I think that I need a little adventure every once in a while with a group of girls.  My friends Marie and Nicole and I headed out to La Conner.  I've lived here for about 13 years and have never been to La Conner.  It's a cute little town that isn't so sleepy.  It's full of people doing the same things that we were doing - getting away for the day or weekend.  In fact we had been in La Conner for all of 30 minutes before we ran into someone we knew.   Small world isn't it.  I took some cute shots of tug boats, trees, and birds.  We went to a little restaurant for lunch and I rolled around the rest of the day.  Probably my favorite store was Refeather your Nest next to the restaurant.  I could have bought so much there. It is has an American version of European country style boutiques. Very cute.  We wandered and talked and wandered and ate chocolates.  What could make the day better?

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