By Leslie Parks - Monday, April 14, 2014

Lately it seems as though I've been taking a lot of photos of Lona and I have. She's around and most of the time willing to help me out. She's the only one still at home and I have decided to make this end of the year of homeschooling completely opposite from the beginning of the year. Right now she loves converse, will still wear a dress when I ask her, and wants combat boots. She likes the steam punk look as long as it's fairly covering. She's crazy and fun loving and sometimes it seems as though she's starting that teenagitis. It's amazing how diverse her interests are from soccer to ballet; piano to unicycles and pogos. I am scouring craig's list, antique stores and Value Village for a vintage hard suitcase because she wants a crafting suitcase. At night she wants to play ping pong and listen to music and eat popcorn. She keeps a list of everything she has to do for school and crosses it out as she gets to it, yet I still need to check to make sure she isn't crossing out before it is totally completed. Sometimes she feels left out because she has her own room and then other times realize how wonderful it actually is.  She is full of contraditions at the moment but she's quickly turning from a young girl to a young woman and I'm not sure either John or I are ready for it.

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