Port Townsend Girls' Day

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, April 06, 2014

Oh my goodness. In the 13 years that I have lived here, I have never been to Port Townsend. Now I wonder why? It is such a cute quaint little town that was built in the 1800s and the buildings have great character. It reminds me a little of Red Lodge Montana. Although Red Lodge has more of a cowboy feel compared to the Victorian feel of Port Townsend.  We started off the day grabbing a Starbucks coffee on our way down to Whidbey Island where we caught the ferry.  We parked the van at Fort Ebey and walked onto the ferry.  On the crossing over we were blessed to be able to view whales which made the $6.30 roundtrip fare a screaming deal.  Once at Port Townsend, it was a two block walk to these stunning buildings.  Some of them were painted, some looked like they still needed some repair work, some were available for lease.  I keep thinking of Isaac's The Three Essentials, a wine, bread and cheese bistro that would fit in here.  We window shopped, we oohed, and ahhed at the buildings.  I almost choked on "robust" olive oil.  When they said robust they meant it.  I think I'm a mild olive oil gal or maybe that I need smaller sips of olive oil.  I was enthralled by the architecture and I had ideas brewing in my head of all the places for a photo shoot.  I snapped photos of alleys and buildings to use as backdrops, I started planning waredrops and props.  I just couldn't help it.  Then there was lunch and hot drinks and chocolates to slowly eat as the rest of the day went on.  An amazing smelling pizza place that looked like a dive but inviting anyway.  A steampunk and pirate shop was the last stop and I texted Lona a picture of boots I thought she would like and I was right but not ready to shop.  To see other photos from a different perspective check out Marie's blog of our day.  Knitting the Moment

A potential secret garden; ivy on the brick, trees shading the lot.

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