Tulip Fields

In the past I've taken all kids to the Tulip Fields.  Then I took only two and now I'm down to just 1.  In the future, I think I may borrow kids for this.  It was a day just for Lona and I to bond; to go on a road trip, to not have any plans except to stop where ever the road takes us.  After dance, we did what every road trip needs, a coffee stop.  Yep, it's a tradition to stop at Starbucks/Woods/where ever to get some kind of fancy coffee.  I also try to bring some kind of prop or fun thing to do while at the Tulip Fields.  Really, do you think that kids want to tromp around the tulip (they don't tip toe) having their picture taken, being told to smile.  Last time, they were in rain boots and had an umbrella and jumped while saying, "Somebody stole me lucky charms!"  This year I brought the goodwill umbrella. Once we got to Mount Vernon we followed the Tulip route signs.  This led us to a field right outside of Mount Vernon where we stopped we took some phot os then onto to the next stop which was for wine tasting and a bottle of wine.  That was for me, but they had a fun little patios and we decided that it was a perfect spot for our picnic lunch.  Then down the road some more where we pulled over at a fresh vegetable place and ended up looking at the goats and cows. We finally ended up at Tulip Town.  I thought we would try it again but Roozenguards is still our favorite place to go.  We love their plantings and grounds outside, not to mention all the yummy food there like deep fried bear paws and almost homemade very expensive fudge.  Tulip Town is different.  They have fields close but still have wagon rides around the fields for a price and their sample grounds aren't as nice or as established. Next year we'll be back again to Roozengards. Lona was very gracious to allow me to take a ton of photos of her and she snapped a bunch herself.  The last place we went to was a nursery.  Oh my goodness I loved everything about this place.  The greenhouses were beautiful, the plants were healthy, the cat was nice and they played french music.  I could have stayed there for a really long time but we felt like it was time to go home.  Of course a stop to Hobby Lobby was in order and Lona was super impressed.  We got out of there without spending a dime but it sure was fun to look.  When Job heard about our field trip he asked if he could be part of the next one.  I'm thinking of pulling out of school for that afternoon and going to either Port Townsend or Ballard back to the locks.  Of course there are a couple of days off before school ends that we could do those in too.

I want to build this type of shed on the side of our house for all the tools

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