Breakfast at Old Town

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Strangely over spring break all of our kids were somewhere else for the night.  It doesn’t happen often.  More so as they are getting older but we are still able to count the times on one hand.  That evening was eventful with a DUI accident in front of our house. The next morning though was special.  Special because we were able to have breakfast out.  It’s not something we do often and for a long time I really didn’t like breakfast menus.  Ham and eggs are growing on me but they aren’t my favorite still.  Give me a croissant and a cup of coffee and I’m good.  However this morning we decided to drive to downtown Bellingham.  I wanted crepes but it didn’t open until 8 am.  Unheard of. It’s breakfast, by 8 am the day has started and is in full swing. We settled on Old Town Café.  It was cute and the food was good and the coffee never ran out.  A gentleman came in and set up his mandolin and played while we ate breakfast.  Apparently people can play for their breakfast and I love that idea.  After breakfast we went next door where I browsed an antique store with John.  This was incredible for him.  I know that he would rather give blood or take a shot than go to an antique store.  He hates needles and shots (ironic that he has a diabetic son).  However he was wonderful and patient and didn’t complain.  I saw some cool painted brick across the street and made him go over to take photos.  He ended up taking some of me.  I’m hardly ever in photos so it was fun being on the other end of the camera when I’m feeling put together.  If I’m ever in photos it usually Christmas morning and I’ve just gotten out of bed.  I’ve never been one to “rock” that look. 


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