What ifs...

By Leslie Parks - Friday, April 04, 2014

Sometimes things happen that cause us to stop and think "What if this" or "What if that." Last night we had one of those events happen. It was a rare and unusual night that all of our kids were other places and John and I were watching TV. We hardly ever watch TV. However there was about an hour before he left to go play soccer and so we cuddled up together to watch a TV show on Netflix.  Within about 30 minutes we heard a large crash and our house shock. We jumped up and looked outside. There was a white Ford Van that hit our tree in the boulevard. I ran out and John called me to call 911 and he went outside. The man was still in his van when John approached him. I had the phone and was walking outside calling the dispatcher. The man got out of the van and started apologizing.  I quickly told the dispatcher my address and what happened. I went back inside to turn off the TV and was still answering questions to the dispatcher. Our neighbors came out to see what was going on as well. One of them suggested my cell phone to take photos and I took a video of the man and then started to snap pictures of the van, the driver's area, the license plate. Within 10 minutes the Sheriff department showed up and while one was busy talking to the guy another took our statements. I showed him the video I took and the pictures. We chatted a little and then watched as they had the guy walk a straight line (or attempt) and blow in the breathalyzer. Pretty soon I heard the deputy say the man was being arrested for DUI.  It all happened before John had to leave to play soccer.  The "what ifs" came later. What if the kids had been playing out by that tree, which is totally possible? What if he hadn't hit the tree but our cars or our house?  What if the neighbor kids had ridden down the street 2 minutes later? What if the man was seriously injured? What if he had decided to leave or get angry? What if he had hit another driver? The what ifs are on going and new ones pop in head as I ponder the event. I think back to that event and am thankful that none of those "what ifs" happened. Thankful so thankful for how it turned out.

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