A tradition: Steampunk meets Starwars

By Leslie Parks - Friday, October 24, 2014

Welcome to this year's Annual Halloween Costume Photoshoot.  First up is everyone's favorite furry friend, Job the Ewok.  He is sporting this lovely (made by his grandmother for his uncle) Ewok costume.  To authenticate the look, he has added some accessories, the satchel from a hobbit outfit, a stick with the tip burnt into a point and to make sure that even with a black nose, no one can confuse him as a lost boy, he has added a very real yet very dead gorgeous coyote skin.

Our second model is the steampunk girl.  She is wearing her mother's saloon girl dress with her overly gaudy extra large belt.  On her feet, notice her special over priced black combat boots.  She is authenticating this costume with a compass necklace, a pilot hat and goggles from the World's End steampunk store in Port Townsend.  She has also borrowed her mother's black leather jacket.

 And yes for your entertainment, Ewoks do wear skater shoes because they are skaters and can-can dancers.  Well they are when their steampunk sibling forces them to do the can-can in public in front of all their neighbors coming home from work.

And we have Isaac Parks who is going as a teenage gamer.  Not pictured because he does it so well, which means that he at the moment of our photo shoot for our Annual Halloween Costumes was in front of the TV playing what else but FIFA soccer.

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