A Concert

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I stood surrounded by teenagers with all variety of rainbow colored hair. I am old. My hair is grey. I was older by 30 years and wondered how I got to be in this line, waiting for the doors to open so that I could watch a concert of a band that I know nothing about. The talk surrounding me was how good the concert was the night before and how it was going to be even better tonight. I started to reminisce about the first concert I ever went to.  It was Poison.  I don't remember really anything about the concert except that it was my first year in college and it was on the college campus. I can't even remember if I went to another concert after that.  I think tickets were around $20. Twenty plus years later, I'm at a concert with my 13 year old daughter and her friends in another country!  Incredible.  I'm kind of a sucker for special events or experiences and I think she knows that.  It started at a bbq.  I was sitting in a camp chair enjoying the rare warm almost hot spring day.  Snippets of conversations from other adults floated on the breeze, interrupted by the laughter of teenage girls and the hoops and hollers of the boys and dads playing ultimate football.  A view of Mount Baker dominated the scene and I was thinking of how grateful I was to be in this place at this time when the teenagers were in my face begging.  Please, please, please.  It would be so cool and it's a once in a life time opportunity and it would be the best thing ever!  As soon as I came up to speed, I realized they were asking me to take them to the concert in another country no less. I needed to think about it. I asked some of the recently graduated college age adults and received mix reviews about it. I talked to the other mother and she had no interest in it whatsoever. The other dad was fine if I took them.  John was on the fence.  "It would be so perfect, and it is cheaper than their concert in Seattle in July." and "This is the only concert I really would want to go to."  and on and on.  Finally I gave in.  On the ride home, I checked for tickets and they were sold out.  Well that's done with.  No problem, I don't really have to make any kind of decision.  However when you are dealing with teens, you have to understand that  just because a concert says it is sold out, it really isn't because there are legitimate second retail sites that will sell your ticket if you can't go.  Stubhub is one of those sites and apparently the closer to the concert, the better the tickets and the less price they go for.  Had I known that I would have waited for the day before or the day of to get the tickets because there were tickets for the front seating section for $20 a ticket instead of $25 a ticket for the balcony.  But we had a great view and the sound was good for a concert.  I didn't like the opening band but the main band was good, if you consider two people a band and one of them on drums.  I was amazed at how much a production the performance actually was.  The lights went black for the beginning of every song.  The crowd cheered.  Then the lead singer would play one chord on the piano or ukelele or the drummer would beat the drum and the crowd cheered.  The lights turned on, and the crowd cheered. Then the crowd proceeded to sing every word of every song with their hands held high. Then after the concert, I was going to buy "band merch" but everything except XXL was sold out, including the red knitted hats which apparently is a band symbol. We waited a little while for the band to come out, which apparently they do but I couldn't wait for two hours and then drive for another hour home and then get up at 6 to get kids out the door for school.  So we left and the band did come out later.  And I have no regrets leaving, we had fun.  A concert every 20+ years, not bad.

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