A project

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, May 12, 2016

I really don't know what goes through his mind.  Sometimes I think there is a disconnect with reality but once the idea has formed there is no changing it by outside force.  So in his mind he decided on a pool table.  My house is packed.  There is no room for a pool table and I figured there was no chance on him finding a half way decent one so he started to peruse Craig's list.  He searched and searched. Everyday he would look.  Nothing in his budget. A week went by and then another and pretty soon it was a month, then a month and a half.  I wasn't worried but I should have been.  He finally found one and I said no way.  The key was to show his dad and that sealed the deal. They went to look at it.  It was decent, not great but the slate was in good condition.  Yeah. For $20 we bought a project.  In order to bring this said project home, we needed to clear out the garage. No, it isn't in the garage, it's in the family room.  However to put it in the family room, we needed to move some stuff to the garage.  It was a vicious cycle that forced me to do some much needed purging. I was ruthless with my own stuff and hoped that the kids would be the same way.  Sort of.  We did get rid of the matchbox cars, and some plastic toy figures that we used in math so long ago. I made Job go through his collection of Nerf guns and get rid of broken ones. And then we started to sink money into the project.  First it needed some balls and then a couple of cues and some chalk and while we are at it we should get new felt.  The green felt had holes in it, lots of holes.  A week later, the slate was on the frame and the felt was spray glued to the edge, the bummers were on.  However, the bummers really need to be refelted as well as replacing the feather strips and the pockets needed to be replaced. Right now the pool balls drop onto the floor. That isn't going to work for me. Oh and the corner miters are missing so that needs to be ordered as well. Part of the facing wood is missing so I need to get that cut and stained and put on.  If I do that I might as well do all of it so that it goes together so I should also replace the legs just so that it looks decent and not like it's one step away from the landfill.  So my plan for that room has totally changed and now I'm trying to make it look like a great teen/guy hangout room.  Help!

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