A Quiet Activity

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, May 03, 2016

 In the quiet stolen moments of my day I have taken to knitting socks. Last summer or maybe the summer before I forget, I asked a very smart and talented friend to teach me to knit socks.  I was inspired by her talent to knit socks, mittens, baby booties, cardigans, shawls, cowls and medieval Estonian patterned coin purses . I had been knitting hats and scarves and cowls, however those things don't wear out and how many knitted hats do I need? But socks, they constantly wear out and are being replaced.  Not that I want to spend a huge amount on a skein of yarn and have my kids wear holes in them but I kind of do.  If they did that, it means that they are wearing them, and they actually like what I'm knitting. So in those quiet moments of my day I have been knitting socks.  At first they were single colors or from a skein of yarn that had multiple colors and formed their own pattern whether it was slight or bold. Then came the different stitches, not just knitting but purling or cabling or yarn overs, and finally to patterns with two types of yarn.  I think I like this last kind the best. I like the repetition in the pattern yet using different colors. I like when I can pick up the pattern and it lends itself to quick memorization so that I can think of other things or talk or listen.  Using my hands to knit while conversing with someone allows me to truly listen and ponder upon what they are saying instead of quickly thinking of my own response. Then there is the tactile touch of the yarn as it glides over the needles, forming loops as a pattern emerges. I like the softness of the wool silk blended yarn on my skin, the little clacks of the needles together.  I like how they feel on my feet and the warmth that envelopes them as they form perfectly around my toes. And I don't knit perfectly and the heels still frustrate me but it's the little challenges as well that I like.  And finally, when I'm in the car waiting for an activity to finish, I like the little moments that I use to pray for the person wearing these knitted socks.

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