His last year

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, May 10, 2016

So this was Isaac's last year to play high school soccer.  He played JV.

 He was placed on the JV team.  Many of his classmates were on the Varsity team. I was sad I wanted him to make varsity. He was fine.  He wanted to play and he knew that if he played varsity he would play the bench.  While being on JV he played almost every minute of every game. He became a leader on his team and by playing center defender he would call out instructions to his teammates and encourage them. He would  explain things to his wing defenders and made some great friends this way.  At night when he didn't have homework he would get onto the Xbox and play FIFA against some of his team mates.  His last game, he called me and texted me to show up 10 minutes early.  I tried my hardest to get there.  I was in south Bellingham and drove home to grab my camera and then to the school.  I pulled into the parking lot because I didn't realize that this day I could have driven all the way to the field. I had maybe twenty minute warning to be there early.  I had no idea why just that he said please.  I didn't make it.  Turns out they were honoring the seniors and even though he was on JV he and two others were being honored as well.  I really wish I had known.  He didn't know until then.  When he walked over with flowers my heart broke.  The only time he was being honored for being a senior and I missed it.  He didn't get recognition for chess, and he didn't play tennis due to school.  I felt horrible. With the first there are so many things that I mess up on and this was an easy one, and I messed it up.  He was so gracious.  He came over to me and gave the flowers, took a selfie with me and said, "It's ok Mom, I love you."  Sometimes he melts my heart and other times I just want to beat him. His youth group leader came to watch his last game and Isaac gave him a man hug afterwards and said thank you.  He also walked over to the Ref and chatted with him.  He had worked as his AR just the day before so was chatting with him.  Then when his coach wasn't looking, he took the gatorade bucket and dumped it on him. I think most of his team mates really liked him.

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