A Race: Wondermud

By Leslie Parks - Monday, August 29, 2016

I love this group of kids.  Job has known Henry ever since they were in chess club together when they were in 2nd grade or so.  They have done stuff over the years and through Henry we met his "hilarious little brother" Jack.  Time moved forward and Lona attended school where she met Jasmine. It took a few months and they became friends. Then Jack and Max were brought into the loop and so the group became bigger.  I think Henry and Job are on the fringes since they are older and there are other kids that come and go in this group but they have fun.  Lona has done the muds to suds for three years I think.  This year it was changed from Hovander to the BMX track in Bellingham. The name changed as well to Wondermud since it is all obstacles and mud.  There are no suds involved. This group of kids trained for this.  Job and Henry were determined to beat the rest of the group and except for Max they did.  There was a painting t-shirt party a week or so before the race and so it was the Poachers (Henry and Job) and the Wharnals (Jasmine, Lona, Jack and Max). I hope this is a memory they can all share for years to come and am looking forward to many more memories with this group.

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