An Adventure: Pokemon Walk

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, August 23, 2016

 I look up and see people walking with their phones out. They stop, do something on their phones, and then start walking. They look around, they stop and are on their phones again. I hear stories on the radio: boys foil a car theft playing Pokemon Go, teens find body in river playing Pokemon Go, come to the game, we will have lures set. What is all the hype, I had to find out. I downloaded the app with John and started walking.  I walked and walked and walked.  We went to Hovander and played, we walked around Ferndale and played, but not only that I found things out about my town. We headed to Boulevard Park, the meca for Pokemon. This time I took my camera and decided to photograph what I learned by playing Pokemon. First up was the marker between Fairhaven and Old Bellingham. It talks about how both towns came to be and how they merged together. Then onto the beautiful boardwalk along the water. Each bench place along the boardwalk was donated in memory of someone and includes something they were known for. I call it the memorial benches and I had no idea that they each had a little dedication to someone. We kept strolling and playing and talking. There was the tree that I see so many photos of and I've taken my share of photos as well.  The old boardwalk that is blocked off due to safety reasons, and the trail that leads to downtown Bellingham. There were more Pokestops where you could earn balls, but I found it interesting that there were so many interesting things along the way and it was incorporated into the game. You could play without taking the time to learn or you could learn along the way.  I do find it interesting that someone has come up with a video game that incorporates being outside and walking in order to play.  It was fun for a while but I'm not a video game kind of gal.  Job does jump on his unicycle and bike around the neighborhood to "hatch" an egg in the game.  We have stopped and talked to complete strangers and laughed because of the game finding something in common with others I may have completely overlooked or dismissed.  I see it as a game that incorporates being outside and moving and nothing more and I applaud the creators of the game for doing so.  It is amazing how they were able to pinpoint so many little things all over the US and other countries and release it all at once.  It must have taken a considerable amount of time to come up with it or to write a program that can search for things like a specific memorial placque or mural in each town. So I guess, I could say that I am pro-Pokemon for all that it can encourage.

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