A Visit: WSU

By Leslie Parks - Monday, August 22, 2016

He's been in Pullman for less than a week, but I really wanted to see him settled.  It had been about 23 years since I was there. I went to school at Moscow Idaho for a year and hadn't been back since then.  Moscow is only 8 miles or so away from Pullman.  Both towns have Universities despite being so close. When I was there, they shared some classes which was great and even had a bus that went between campuses. We arrived on a very warm Saturday afternoon and caught up with Isaac.  He had just finished lunch at the cafeteria and met us at him dorm building. One of three high rise dorm buildings on campus.  800 plus students live in these buildings. When we were there only one of two elevators were working and so we used the stairs.  He only lives on the 6th floor so it really wasn't a big deal. He gave us a round about walking tour of the campus.  Still learning his way around and some time directionaly challenged we were able to see the wheat fields bordering campus as we louped our way around the edge, then checked out the rec center which was amazing. We skirted the football stadium and entered the CUB from the opposite direction, walked across the mall and back to his dorm. After taking stock of what he needed, John and I went to Wal-mart while Isaac went off to an activity for incoming freshman.  Wal-Mart was an education in itself. I think the university students support that store with beer purchases.  They had the shelves stacked full and then three cases deep in the isle with beer.  We purchased Isaac some food, well lots of food, and a window fan.  There is no air conditioning in the buildings and the campus is built on a series of hills.  It was in the mid 90s and that started at 7 am. He needed a fan.  We met his roommate who was on his computer the whole time. (Watch the Middle.  I swear someone knows my life that writes for that show.) Then we went for dinner.  Isaac's only stipulation was no pizza.  Wow I never thought that I would hear that come out of his mouth. We made plans to pick him for church the next morning.  Our hotel was in Lewiston due to the fact every hotel in Pullman was booked. It was only an hour away.
I wasn't really anxious or sad about Isaac moving to Pullman.  It was time and that was the next step in him really growing up.  What I wanted was for him to be grounded in his faith. Its what I still want. I wanted to find a church he could call home and I think he's still looking just not as hard as I am praying. We found a church whose sole mission is to minister to college students.  The people are a very kind and welcoming but the message was soft. Isaac said there was no depth to it and he was right. I was hoping he'd get involved in a small group bible study to find the depth but that hasn't happened yet.  We keep encouraging him and he goes to church occasionally.  Going to this church did make me feel good though in that there are people who are seeking to serve the college population and he just needs to get plugged in somehow.  It might just not be at that church. Still I pray but not with an anxious heart but one that has hope.

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