A Season: Indoor Soccer

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The doors open and close behind the three kids wearing shin guards, shorts and blue t shirts. The inside of the building is not much warmer than the outside but there isn't any wind. They gather in a circle on the cement, talking and passing the ball around.  Saying hello to the other parents, I find a place on the bench and lay down my blanket, stadium pad and camera bag.  I pull out my camera, change all the settings and snap a few photos to make sure.  The boys file to their spot and take the field.  This time, Lona takes the field as well, filling in for another boy on the team. She takes some flack from her team mates but then the game starts. The opposing team gives her some leeway until she starts using her shoulders and hips, then they realize that she is serious and a contender. They are a little surprised with her tackles and realize they can't get through her and need to pass it off.  She and Job combine when they can. This is one of my favorite parts, watching my kids play soccer together. So all three are out on the field, Job, Lona and Robin our exchange student. Job plays one position and one position only: mid-field. He can't play any other it seems. I love watching him take on a bigger guy but when he sees one coming full steam, he'll quickly pass the ball. I think getting bowled over a couple of times, has made him not hang onto the ball too long. Robin has played goalie in the past and he'll usually play for a half and then out on the field for the other half.  He's come up with some amazing saves. It has been a fun season.

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