A Tradition: Decorating the Christmas Tree

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, December 01, 2016

It used to be that we would decorate the Christmas tree as an advent activity.  I would spend an hour or more with the calendar while planning Christmas advent activities. This year I've decided to have fun doing activities that I want to do not based upon an agenda but based upon the time I had and when I felt like it.  I started rearranging furniture, not too much needed a new place, just one lamp and an end table. We pulled the tree out of the box to set up. No tree farm for us or even tromping through the woods for one.  It sounds like a great idea but the real tree is a bust in our house. We introduced Robin to our 21 year old fake Christmas tree.  I usually spend a good amount of time placing the lights on the tree, wrapping each branch, connecting the seven strings of lights together and I did it this year too. Then comes the ornaments. Robin really liked the one that glittered and sparkled and were fancy, like the White House ornaments.  That gave me an idea to get one for him for Christmas, one that was shiny and sparkly and golden.  One that represented his Christmas here.  If I was to do it again, I would probably read from a book on the history of Christmas and how the Christmas tree came about. The book I really like for that, is called, Keeping Christ in Christmas. The first part of the book does a great job explaining how many of our traditions started.  If we ever host again, it is something to keep in mind. Once the tree is up, the lights, ornaments and ribbon are done, then it is time for a tree photoshoot.  One where the lights twinkle and the presents are wrapped and under the tree.  I love wrapping presents in brown paper bags.  We throw away the wrapping paper anyway and I still after all these years, love the look of "brown paper packages tied up with string".

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