A Tradition: Reach Out & Red Buckets

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, December 22, 2016

We as a family have volunteered with Reach Out for years.  Last year I took a break.  I just couldn't do it but this year we were back at it.  I even took the kids out of school in the afternoon to help out.  Well, just Robin and Lona.  One year, I brought my dad.  He was amazed and it is amazing.  This organization helps people, families have a Christmas when otherwise they wouldn't be able to. I like being able to think about someone else during a season that is so focused on us: what we want, what we look like, who is coming to see us. This is one of the things I can do to focus on others and their needs during the Christmas season.  Another thing I do is look for the red bucket. At the beginning of December I make sure that I have $20 in ones.  Then I try to shop just at the stores that allow the salvation army bucket to be outside their store. Each time I go in I stop to put in a $1.  When I am out of ones, I get $20 more in ones.  When Christmas is done, the red buckets are gone and I make sure that my ones all go into the buckets before they disappear. For me, these are an important part of the Christmas season and helps others, but in doing so helps me to look outside of myself.

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