Christmas morning

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, December 25, 2016

We gather round the living room.  A coffee cup in my hand, camera at the ready.  Job and Lona pass out presents, the rest gather on couches or the floor.  Once the presents are stacked, the reading begins. We open our Bibles to either Luke or Matthew and read of the Nativity. This year taking turns reading paragraphs. Some of us make voices, some read more monotone, but we read. When we are done, and we've prayed, we take turns opening presents. Some of us (like John and I) know what our presents are.  We had to confer with each other in order to purchase the correct thing.  Some of us, tear into the paper. Others are meticulous in opening.  I reuse brown paper bags as wrapping paper. It seems a little vintage and timeless to it.  We laugh or get excited for ourselves for each other, telling stories and saying thank you.  Then as we gather up the wrapping paper and throw it away, taking our stuff to various parts of the house, I pop the cinnamon roll croissants out of the oven that were 4 days in the making. We sit at the table together before wander off to play or put together our stuff.  Phone calls are then made to parents and the day proceeds to dinner preparations.  And then Christmas is done.

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