An Ending: Goodbye 2016

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, December 31, 2016

I remember as a kid watching the ball drop at Times Square on New Year's Eve on TV.  I always envisioned parties and people, most of the time I watched alone. There have been years when I put on a mask and attended parties or other years that I stayed home alone, crying. Not wanting to face anyone.  Still other times, I went to bed, sending my husband out without me because I was just tired and wanted sleep. This year was different.  No mask, no need for sleep, no tears, just me, my family, some friends, no pressure to be anything or do anything. It was a New Year's Eve that was full of talk, laughter, games, food, fun, being together.  We played Just Dance on the Wii and it was hilarious. Gals, guys, kids, boys - just a lot of fun. We weren't there to look good but there to enjoy. Arm wrestling matches and firecrackers. Champagne and sparkling cider. Savory food and sweet food. Most of all, it was the people that made the evening. Real people who could laugh at each other and themselves. Another time I maybe able to reflect on the year past and the year ahead but this night was just about the present.

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