Awana Awards

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last week we had awards night.  The kids have worked really hard all year long memorizing verses, doing projects, reading their Bibles.  Last night they were rewarded in front of their peers, leaders, parents and siblings for their work through out the year.  Job received his 3rd book Award also known as the Challenge Award.  Lona received her book award also known as the Alpha Award.  We brought Mathew and Timothy with us almost every night and they both received awards too.  I'm very proud of all the kids.  
Cette annee Job et Lona essaient apprendre par coeur vers 36 versets de la Bible, lire leur Bible, et faire des projets.  C'est difficile mais il les faisent.  Devants les autres jeunes, des parents, et des dirigeants ils ont recu leurs prix.  Je suis les en fier.

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