I shot the moon! J'ai pris la lune

By Leslie Parks - Friday, May 13, 2011

I wanted to show that even though I walked through the photo I wasn't still long enough. 
Je voudrais montrer que je marche devant le camera mais je n'ai pas dans le photo.

Tonight I shot the moon.  Not perfectly but I've been fiddling with it.  The best time to shoot the moon is when the moon is just rising over the horizon and the sun has set within an hour.  Tonight was not the ideal time.  I want a shot with the moon and Mount Baker.  Best location - Northwest soccer fields.  I have been teaching a photography class and tonight was night time photography which I absolutely love.  It was also the best night we've had in a long time to shoot the moon.  Most of the rules for night time photography apply to shooting the moon except for purposefully underexposing a moon shot. 
J'ai pris un photo de la lune.  Je toujours voudrais pris des photographies et ce soir j'etais capable de la faire.  J'enseign une classe de photographie et la lesson est comment de prendre des photos pendant la nuit.  Nous sommes presque finir avec la classe.  Je voudrais enseign un autre classe aux etudiants de lycee pendent l'ete.

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