The Sounders

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank you Chris for the scarves
Merci a Chris pour les echarpes.

Love the enthusiasm of the fans.
Les spectateurs

the Band
la troupe

Our neighbors - how crazy
Notre voisins sont la aussi.

view of Seattle from the stadium
la vue de Seattle

throwing popcorn

talking to Dad
il parle avec son pere
 Late Tuesday night I received an email from the mother of one of the boys from Job's soccer team.  "I have 4 tickets to the Sounders for tomorrow night and we can't go.  Do you want them."  I eagerly jumped on the idea.  John was at work anyway (15 hours) and so we headed off to Seattle.  It took 1 hour to reach Lynnwood.  I didn't think I was speeding, we just made really good time.  Then it took almost 2 hours from Lynnwood (north of Seattle) to get into Seattle, find a parking spot and get to the game.  Should have left earlier.  We had fun, stayed dry, ate junk food like crazy, watched the game, took photos, and headed home.  We were all in bed by midnight.  Unfortunately the Sounders lost but we had fun.

Merdi soir, j'ai recu quatrre billet pour un match du footballe en Seattle.  Bien sur nous sommes alles.  Nous avons quitter a quatre heures apres midi et rentrer chez vers minuit.  Malheureusement notre equip a perdu le match.  Mais nous sommes content d'aller.

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