By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I have a confession to make.  I love Sci-Fi/Fantasy.  To some this may be new and to others it is old news.   I had an Empire Strikes Back lunch box.  When I was in 4th grade, I wore my hair as close to Princess Leah as I could for class photos.  By high school I had every line from StarWars written down and memorized. I had a crush on Hans Solo.  I still love the first movies made of StarWars. Then I find out the Pacific Science Center in Seattle had a StarWars exhibit.  I had to go.  So I dragged Job, Lona and a friend with two of her kids to Seattle for the day.  It's in a science museum so it must be science and it was.  StarWars was the first movie to use the blue screen for shots.  It revolutionized movie making and science fiction movies but it did more than that.  It inspired people with all sorts of science from making robots to insulin pumps.  Really?  Yeah.  Darth Vader was more machine than human and my Isaac wears an insulin pump that is machine/computer driven to pump insulin into his system. 
Did StarWars specifically inspire the pump, it did inspire researchers to look at what could be done with computers and machine for modern medicine. We spent at least 1 1/2 hours in just that exhibit and I think Job could have spent another two hours.  I kept having to pull him away.  They had a robot programming center and Job has been working with Lego NXT programming so this was right up his alley. We had lunch in the car which was so close and then back into the museum to explore butterflies, underwater creatures, naked mole rats (a favorite of the kids - it's all in the name), a little about bodies.  Loved this day.  I talked all the way there, through the whole museum and all the way home.  I ran out of words for my husband.
Nous sommes alles au musee de science pour enfants en Seattle avec notres amis.  Il y a un expose du film Star Wars et le science qui sont inspire par le filme.  Moi, je voulais aller parce que c'est Star Wars.  Quand j'etais petit, j'aimais le filme.  Je pourrais reciter tous les dialogues pour le filme.  Je suis surprise que le characteur Darth Vadar sont inspire des medcine moderne comme un pompe a insuline.  Nous avons vu un pompe juste comme le pompe d'Isaac.  Nous avons rester presque 2 heures mais les personnes avec nous avons sont pretes de quitter apres 30 minutes.  Job aime de lire, voir, et toucher tous qu'il peut.  Il n'est pas finir avec l'expose quand c'est temps pour dinner.  Apres notre dinner nous explorons un autre partie du musee. Nous retournons apres cinq heures dans le musee.  Venir avec nous au musee n'est pas pour des personnes qui sont delicat. 

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