By Leslie Parks - Friday, April 13, 2012

Even though we had just crossed a bridge that connected Paradise Island to New Providence Island, I felt like I had stepped into a totally different world.  It cost a dollar to cross that bridge and step on the island but nothing to leave it.  Paradise Island had every leaf in place, every area of grass trimmed, every flower in bloom.  It housed the Atlantis hotel and it's $25000/night room.  We heard about this room from our tour guide, from our bus driver to the hotel, and from the tour guide at the hotel, yet we didn't get to see into the room.  This was one place that I could have spent a week at, not necessarily spending the night but exploring the grounds.  We watched the rays swim but like they were flying in a flock.  Their wings would flap and come out of the water. They glided through the water.  There were underwater viewing windows and it stretched through out the compound.  Then there was the water park, with the river ride, the water slides that shoot you through a tunnel that passes through an aquarium with  sharks. I couldn't see any sharks while I was in the tunnel but I could stand outside and see people shoot through their tunnels and the sharks swimming around the tubes. Then there was the lagoon that we could swim in and see these yellow striped fish and a barracuda.  Atlantis also offers a snorkeling experience with faux underwater ruins and tropical fish.  Then there are the shops and the casino and a golf course and it just goes on. We had so much fun here. We just didn't have enough time.  We could have spent a couple of days to a week.

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