By Leslie Parks - Friday, April 13, 2012

I decided to get some canvases done of the kids.
I still have one of Lona to order but am waiting for that one.
Usually it goes something like this, "John, what do you think if we painted...." or "someday, I want to do .... to the house."  John, with lots of eye rolling has started to ignore me.  He tells me that if I didn't like the house then why did we buy it.  Of course I like the structure and style of the house but would like the accessories to reflect me and sometimes I wonder what were the builders thinking?  But lately it has been the other way around.  Actually he has been bugging me to paint the entry way.  I can't really paint two stories so I did as much as possible and then hired the rest done.  The painters also fixed a rather large crack in the wall in the kitchen.  So of course the kitchen needed to be painted. We rolled up our sleeves, bought paint and got to work.  We started on a Saturday morning and were finished by that night.  I am sad that we had to paint over our wall that we mark the kids' height but we enter it all in on the computer anyway so we have a digital record of it.  It's just fun to keep track of it visually.  I'm planning on making a chart and then entering all the kid's info on it that we have.  But one fun thing that we do when painting is to allow the kids to draw on the walls right before we paint over them.  It's just a fun little thing.  Of course normally there is no "art" work but if we're going to paint over it, well why not.  Lona was into it the most.  She stood on a ladder and drew her impression of Isaac when he wakes up.  Complete with Scooby Doo PJ bottoms.

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