The wheelchair

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Job is my inventer.  He constantly is telling me what people should invent. Often it's already invented or just not feasible.  His mind is always thinking of a project.  Hence he's been working on a blog for the last nine months.  Originally it was to have a post each week but the photographer hasn't always been with it.  Job on the other hand has a mirad of lego projects lined up.  I've been fine with the Lego projects but it's starting to spill out into the garage.  The other day he came in from the garage to let me know that he's invented a wheelchair.  I know a wheel chair has already been invented but we don't have one.  He took four roller blades and removed the brakes.  Then he attached the rollerblades to a chair in the garage with bunge cords.  Then he placed a helmet on his head and had his sister push him around the neighborhood.  I didn't realize that he had strapped his legs and feet into the chair until he had a near disaster.  His upper legs and waist could be fastened in but his lower legs and feet needed to be able to move.  Later that day the chair was sitting next to the drive way when a walker approached looking at the chair with a very puzzled look.  Shaking her head she went on.  There are days that I shake my head too.  He tells me that he wants to take welding in high school.  I fear that day. 

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