It is broken

By Leslie Parks - Monday, April 16, 2012

practicing her headers

practicing his meradonas

head in a book
John loves to play soccer.  He plays on an over 40 indoor team.  He's done this for the last few years.  Sometimes the kids go, sometimes it's just him, sometimes I go or sometimes we all go; but usually it is just him.  Well those 40 something plus guys can get pretty rowdy  (HAHA).  It's actually fairly calm and gentle.  However John came home about a month ago complaining about his right wrist.  Apparently he was slammed against the wall while going for the ball.  The guy was nice and asked if he was ok.  After a couple of weeks he decided to go see someone.  That guy referred John to a hand therapist.  He took a look at it and gave him a brace.  The brace is supposed to keep him from using his wrist. The problem is just turning the car off and getting the key out now requires him to use two hands.  It's amazing how much you use your wrist for just everyday activities.  This has not stopped him from playing soccer however.  The kids and I went down for a game and he can play just fine with the wrist in a brace. John saw a wrist doctor and had some x-rays.  Yep, there is a little bone chip. So there isn't anything to be done except to wear his brace when he needs extra support.
 Of course I had to take some photos of the kids too while we were there.

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