Tulip Fields

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our all time favorite field is Roozengarde Gardens.  We haven't explored many of the others but Roozengarde was the one with a climbing tree; until this year.  They trimmed the branches so they are too high to reach now.  A week ago we were planning on going as a whole family but that fell through. Luckily the tulips were late in blooming this year.  They can bloom anywhere from March to late April.  This year it was late April.  When I realized that we had a free afternoon I jumped on the chance to take Job and Lona to the fields.  The day before the weather was beautiful and warm, not so the day we went.  We grabbed are warm coats, rain boots, hats, gloves, and umbrellas, met John for lunch at McDonalds before heading south.  At one point I debated on weather to cancel it and go ice skating instead.  Job talked me out of it and we drove down there.  Just as we arrived, it stopped raining and it was perfect light the whole time we were there.  The kids were crazy, laughing, giggling, and being goofy.  Lona said they were creating an "audience" - no just a scene.  The fields were muddy but with rain boots it just meant that they could walk right through the puddles.  At one point Lona was standing in a puddle and when she went to step out, she found that she was stuck.  We all started laughing so hard.  I almost peed my pants.  I had to step on either side of the water so I wouldn't get stuck and then grab her boot tops and pull as she pulled with her foot.  I tell you, I have no strength when I'm laughing.  It was fun.  Giving them an umbrella made for some fun photos too.  I had them jump up, click their heels together while holding the umbrella and say "Their after me lucky charms!"  The photos make me think of Mary Poppins.  Then we had to walk around and do our perspective photos.  Job wanted it to look like he was drop kicking Lona.  They are a good sport.  We met a family from Birch Bay and are hopping to get together with them soon.  Then it was time to by carmel corn and some fudge for Isaac and John.  Just then it started to rain and it was time to go home so Job could get to soccer practice.  It was such a perfectly fun afternoon.  It's those days that I love.  The days that we are laughing and talking and joking around with everyone getting along. 

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