By Leslie Parks - Saturday, June 09, 2012

Things are winding down for the summer.  The ballet company that Lona dances at is having their recital coming up which means getting the dance perfect, checking costumes, trying hair styles and make up.  Last week was picture day.  What I really want is the option to pick and choose the photos that I want.  I want a photo of Lona's class but I have to buy a package in order to get the class.  I think that the photographer would make way more money if she offered just class photos.  There were only two out of 10 girls ordering photos in Lona's class.  I asked a Mom if she could purchase the class photo on her order and then I gave her the money for that.  I works but silly.  In Lona's dance she has a boy partner at the end.  The mother asked if Lona would pose with her boy for a photo.  Sure but I don't have a photo of that either.  I did peak into the photo studio and I had essentially the same set up at home.  I wanted a little more Rembrandt lighting to give some mood to the photos but then I also use my flash.  You can see a little Rembrandt lighting in the top first photo.  Lona's nose has some shadow but her check is lit up.  This side lighting gives her depth.  I'm starting to learn how to use my flash but that is a whole other post.   While Lona was getting herself ready I made Job help me with placement in the studio.  Just some thoughts.  I had Job stand far away from the background so that the background isn't lit up with the studio light.  I want to get a king size black top sheet or another black backdrop to cover the floor.  This one just wasn't long enough to cover both the background and the floor.  I used more fabric that I had.  We did a couple of shoots.  First right after I had braided her hair and put into a bun.  Then another shoot after dance with all her make up on.  These were my favorites.  I wanted more than the classic stand there pose and I also wanted to show her hair and her makeup.  Sometimes the best photos aren't necessarily the photos of the face.
Job helped me put the backdrop up and then did some posing.  He could just stand there, he needed a prop.  What better prop then his most favorite Lego creation.  He built this four years ago!  An adjustment needed to be made this year - he had to bump out the nose area.  Apparently his nose was smooshed against the helmet so he created a nose cavity.  I am planning on giving him a book all about his Lego creations and I think I'm going to use these photos for the author photo of the book.

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