Stanley Cup

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Somehow Job has gotten on this hockey kick at our house.  He's following the teams in the Stanley Cup.  His team is out.  They are the Canooks.  He dresses up in his "hockey" gear.  It's made out of knee pads, roller blades, a snowboard helmet and sparing gloves.  He had me throw balls at him as he defended his goal.  He thinks of himself as a goalie.  Isaac and Lona take slapshots at him in the house with a small spongy ball.  He roller blades back and forth infront of the house and has neighbor kids take shots at him infront of the garage door.  Some how he had this idea and it won't go away.  Now he has decided that he wants hockey lessons this summer at the sportsplex.  Hmmmm.  I did buy him a New Jersey Devil shirt.  It was a reward for finishing his fourth year in Awana and completing all four books as well.  Unfortunately the Devils lost the Stanley Cup in game 6. 

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