By Leslie Parks - Thursday, June 28, 2012

Somehow this boy turned 14.  I have been wanting to take his photo for a month and a half now and just got it done. I am in shock that he's going to high school next year. He's such a smart*** sometimes. Well ok most of the time.    He walked over to a friend's baseball game and caught a ride home from a couple of girls.  Actually they were his friend's sisters but he played it up.  Sometimes he's such a nerd.  I love this kid though.  He just cracks his Dad up.  Like the other day we were playing Settlers of Catan and he says,  I need two wood McDonald girl.  No two wood.  Come on you did work at McDonalds right?  He can just be such a smarty.  Of course his Dad cracks up and now he has started calling me McDonald girl.  Some of his teachers at school liked this kind of hunor but others didn't appreciate it as much.  I heard that one day he walked into a classroom and thought there was a substitute teacher so he says loudly "Alright we have a sub!"  Then he looks over his shoulder as his regular teacher was walking in.  "Oh Hi Mr. -----"  Everyone laughed.  The teacher probably realized that it was Isaac but choose to address the class about attitudes towards subs.  I can only shake my head or more like beat it against the wall.  I do have to say that I have appreciated how open he has been with me.  We reguarly have discussed slang vocabulary words that he has heard at school.  Sometimes I can face him and talk to him about it but there have been other times that I have had to stand with my back to him while I explained certain terms.  There are times that he's so responsible and I think ok we are on our way and then other times I am floored.  Really?  It is such an up and down thing with a teenager.  He has taken to standing next to me or my friends to see if he's taller yet than us.  He walks up to us so nonchalantly , then stands straight and looks over to see if he can look down.  He has surpassed me in height.  Today getting him shoes I was shocked to see how big his feet are.  I think he might have grown into John's shoes.  Whoa.  He's wearing men's tshirts now.  I see glimpses of the man he's becoming.  His graduating class is 2016.  It's weird having a year assigned to him. Fourteen years!  Fourteen years have passed in the blink of an eye.  When I really think about it, I do love having him here at home and can't imagine him going/living anywhere else but I pretend that I'm looking forward to it.  I guess I am but deep down it's frightening.  I'm not sure if this is his last summer without a job may last summer without a phone.  Next thing that will happen is that he'll be driving.  Yikes.  Too fast. 

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