Quiet Creativity

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Totally unrelated to the photos.
The other day we were at the orthodontist for Job and my cell phone rang, which is rare.  I didn't answer.  Then it rang again and then I received a text.  Hmm.  Someone really needs to get a hold of me.  I waited until our appointment was done and then I looked at the number.  It seemed familar but I didn't recognize it right off the bat.  I texted back that I would be home soon and what could I do for them?  As I was driving home I realized who it was.  I had Job call the number.  Here is the conversation.
Job:  Hello this is Job.
Person:  Who?
Job:  Job.  You called my Mom's number.
Person:  Who's your Mom?
Job:  Leslie.
Person:  I don't know any Leslie.
Job:  You called the wrong number.  click.
I went back later and looked at the number he dialed and the number that called me.  Turns out he dialed a 301 instead of a 201 number.  Makes me chuckle.

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