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By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, June 13, 2012

About 8 years ago my grandmother sent out this piano.  My uncle was driving out here to pick up a car and my grandmother decided that since he was going to be in the Seattle area then he could swing by our house and drop off a piano.  Like a good son-in-law that he is he did just that.  We really aren't that close to Seattle but he hauled the piano in.  It was a couple of years before we were ready for the kids to start lessons.

This year Isaac decided that he wasn't much of a music kid so he isn't taking lessons.  He loves his iPod and has particular tastes in music.  He likes LeCrae.  I do too.

Job took a couple of years of piano but this year a friend of his loaned Job his too small guitar.  We have started taking music lessons from our youth pastor and Job loves it.  He's learning actual songs and his favorite thing is to play lead guitar. Here is a video of him playing lead lines.

We've had this great piano teacher in years past but she decided to focus her energies at the University this year so we went in search of another teacher.  We tried one but it didn't work out for us.  So we found Mrs Gault in Ferndale.  Apparently she is the go to piano teacher if you live in Ferndale.  She has a wonderful studio in her house with a Grand piano.  She is very good with kids.  Lona brought her some music and wanted to learn how to play Star Wars so Mrs. Gault worked with Lona on that piece of music all the while having Lona work on others as well.  She also asked Lona about her interests and then picked out this cute piece of music called At the Ballet.  These were the two pieces of music Lona performed at her piano recital.  Two of her friends take lessons from Mrs. Gault as well.  The students were at a variety of levels and did very well.

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