By Leslie Parks - Thursday, June 07, 2012

When ever our neighbors find something interesting they always let us know.  This day they found a frog.  Not just your everyday little frog, but this huge slimy thing.  He would raise up on his legs anytime someone came near him and then croak; a load, low rumbly kind of croak.  And he would puff out his throat.  If someone was too near him then and all the above wouldn't deter them, he would jump - far.  He made for a good subject though.  We placed him in our neighborhood pond but in hind sight maybe we shouldn't have.  John told us that this kind of frog is an invasive species.  Lona was the only one who would hold him but she needed gloves.  Job's answer was a PVC pipe and a hammer - how very boyish.  I have no idea what he would have done with the PVC pipe but it makes a funny photo.  And Isaac, well he was sick at home on the couch.  Poor boy. 

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