A sister for a few days

Lona is always asking for a sister.  She has no one to share her room with. Most kids would be happy for their own room but the rest of the family has someone to share their room.  The boys bunk together and well of course so do John and I.  Lona is all alone.  She hears the boys talking before drifting off to sleep.  She hears them goofing off while cleaning their room and she has no one.  Last week she had a friend spend 4 days while her parents were out of town and so Lona finally had a "sister".  Only for a week.  It was a very enjoyable week if only she didn't have so much school work to do.  Unfortunately school happens even when having a temporary sister.


Rambling Tart said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! What a jolly, wonderful week. :-) I too longed for a sister growing up. :-)

Only One Life said...

Beautiful photos Leslie! You captured some sweet memories for sure. :-)