By Leslie Parks - Monday, October 21, 2013

My time in France with my Grandparents was relaxing to say the least.  That slow pace of life and not being plugged in was a little slice of heaven.  I do like Facebook and my blog, classes on the internet, inspiration from pinterest, checking emails, but I have to say that not having all that for two weeks was wonderful.  It was hard to come back to all of that.  I ran or walked almost everyday.  My only schedule on time was making sure I was around to help with lunch or dinner.  In France, the streets or roads aren't straight.  They twist and turn and loop around.  Usually I'm fairly good about getting to places but there, I am at a loss.  Thankfully there are maps at almost every little neighborhood and soon I learned where everything was.  I started of running just to Le Coin, then I ran to Vovray, and lastly I tried repeated to run to the top of the Saleve.  I knew that this was an unattainable feat but just trying felt good, really good.  I didn't even make it half way.  I just made it to the aluminum stairs that go to who knows where.

This is a trail through the forest, you just have to watch out
for falling rocks.

I would run from La Combe to Le Coin then on La Croisette
to the Saleve

Le Little Refuge, very unique studio

You can't tell how steep this was, it was hard to show
that in the photos

I made it to the cloud level

On the way back, I would run past corn fields and vegetable
gardens, on a little path that I found

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