Stoney Ridge Farm

By Leslie Parks - Friday, October 25, 2013

 It's been six years since we've been out to Stoney Ridge Farm. The best days to go out to the farm is either Thursday or Friday.  It used to be that those days were free and Saturday they charged.  They charge everyday now, but it's cheaper on Thursday and Friday.  Since Lona is the only one at home, we headed out while the boys were at school.  There are perks to being home schooled.  One of them is a field trip.  We called a friend totally spur of the moment but they weren't able to make it.  It was only Lona and I.  I guess that is just what we needed, a mom and daughter outing.  We toured the animals, then rode out to the pumpkin patch.  Toured the corn maze, and picked out a very large pumpkin.  Then we filled a bag full of apples and Lona wheeled it up hill to the check out station.  We finished the day off with a shared loaded caramel and ice cream apple pie and two cups of cider.  What a perfect afternoon.  Lona's favorite part of the afternoon was picking out a "drumming" pumpkin.  She would sit on the pumpkins and drum on them.  The one she picked out, sounded cool when
she drummed on it.  I loved all the color there was out there; the orange in the fields, the red apples on the green grass, the yellow corn, variety of color of the wheel barrows.  There were moments that I really wanted the fog to roll in. I can so see a snow white theme in the orchard with the fog.  I'm putting it on my bucket list.

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