Presentation is key

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, October 17, 2013

Presentation is the key.  We are a little bit lazy here in America when it comes to presentation.  Oh, we go over board on birthday parties but the everyday presentation we aren't so hot at.  Then there is the selection of meats and yogurts and deserts.  We have Greek and regular yogurt, we have ice cream and pudding, we have pork, chicken, and beef.  They have lamb, beef, pork, chicken, roster, and rabbit.  We have liver, they have pate.  Our pudding is for school lunches, theirs is for everyone after dinner as a dessert so it's in glass containers with beautiful swirled whip topping and shavings of chocolate.  We mostly buy prepackaged meats, their meats are laid out nicely with displays of carved fruit or on silver platters.  They hang their bananas, makes sense.  It takes up little room.  They don't need to refrigerate their milk until they open it.  Of course they don't drink as much milk there as we do here but they eat more cheese.  The presentation doesn't stop at the grocery stores or the butcher shop.  It is seen in the restaurants. Unless it's fast food here, presentation is important here too in restaurants.  My cousin showed me how to fold napkins in different shapes like they do in the restaurants.  Food presentation is important at home as well.  When my grandmother put out cold cuts for dinner she arranged it on a platter to look nice.  Here, well, we would have just stood infront of the refrigerator and eaten ham out of the package.  There, we all sit down together and make a meal of cold cuts, cheeses, breads, salad and then dessert of fruit and of course a cup of coffee to finish it off.   

Quite possibly my all time favorite food found only around Geneva.

Even the French fries have their own dish. 

The top left cut of meat is a whole rabbit.

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